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Prepping For Vancouver Fashion Week!

September 22, 2018 3 min read

Preparing for my show at Vancouver Fashion Week has been a full time job!

I received my invitation to show at their SS19 show back in February and ever since then it has been on my mind. Right after I got my invitation I started making a schedule for myself with deadlines so that I knew I'd get everything done on time. This was really important because I was still in college at the time of my invitation so balancing my senior years work with Vancouver deadlines was difficult. 

Designing my looks was obviously a part of the process that I loved. This collection was inspired by yoga. I found the quote "Yoga is a dance between control and surrender" so I started thinking of ways fabrics and clothes could relate to control and surrender and ended up deciding on drawstrings because they control the fabric and create the surrender in the drape. I started sewing drawstrings into different types of fabric and draping with them until I decided on the final designs. 

Fast forward to the middle of July, about a month before my show on September 18th and I had designed and sewn most of the looks for the show so I started to work on planning my photoshoot, creating lookbooks, designing my outfit for the show, ordering shoes for my models for the show, and so much more.

The first step in my final preparations was planning the photoshoot. I was showing 12 looks in Vancouver and and already done a really great photoshoot for 6 of the looks as a project for my senior design class so I knew I wanted to use those pictures so I planned a photoshoot for the new 6 looks that was different, but complimented the other photoshoot so I could use both photoshoots in my lookbook. For the new photoshoot, my photographer, Selina LeMoon, had an amazing idea to use a ladder to get unique shadows that look like they're from a window on top of a simple white backdrop. At the photoshoot, all the models fit the clothes and looked great, we aimed to get a lot of movement shots so the models did a lot of walking, twirling, and jumping. 

After getting the pictures back I started playing around with lookbook layout ideas and after finding one I liked I sent it to the printer along with promotional postcards. There were 160 seats at my show so I wanted to have lookbooks for the first 2 rows and postcards for everyone.

Basically the second I was done with all this, it was time to leave for Vancouver. I'm so glad I had a schedule ahead of time but things always end up taking longer than planned and it never hurts to have some extra time just in case. The whole preparation process feels like it flew by! Even today it still feels like a week ago that I was invited to Vancouver Fashion Week.

Packing shoes for all my models, all 12 looks plus a few of my other designs, all my lookbooks and promotional materials, plus all my regular travel items took up a lot more space than I planned so getting through the airport with three packed full suitcases was not easy! I crossed my fingers nothing would get lost and got on the plane.

Finally to Vancouver on Saturday and I was so happy to be there! I didn't have any last minute things to work on for show on Tuesday so I got a chance to explore Vancouver and it's definitely a place I want to go back to, I loved it!